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Story submitted 2011-06-29
We had such a great experience with DRNA adopting our Jenna in April 2005, that when we decided we were ready for another addition to our family in the spring of 2006, we came back to DRNA to find them. It didn't take long, only a few days to find "Bronson" and after a few emails with his fosterdad Ed, we knew he was a great match for us and for our other DRNA rescue baby Jenna. We renamed him Jonas to fit in with our family of J's.. and we think it suits him well. :) They are both dachshund/beagle mixes, about the same size, both very active and mischievous, both still puppies at heart... Jenna will be 1 and 1/2 in August, and Jonas just turned 2 at the end of July. Ed, and our former fostermom Dona from whom we got our Jenna, helped us to get him quickly and fairly easily even though he started out several hours away. Its amazing to us how dedicated the fosters are and we are so thankful that people are willing to foster these dogs and help them find the perfect forever home.. of course we're especially thankful to Dona and Ed for caring for our babies and helping them find their way home to us.

After a short period of adjustment, I'm happy to report that Jonas is doing wonderfully, and he and Jenna are best buddies who play all day long and sleep snuggled together at night. Jonas has learned a lot since being here, both from us, and from Jenna who decided to mother him even though she is about 6 months younger. We are still working on training with him and helping him to learn commands and rules, but he is just a joy... a very sweet boy who never stops wagging his tail and is always ready for fun and excitement! He bonded quickly with our 2 year old daughter and even though he's not a very "licky" dog with anyone else, he always cuddles up to her and gives her kisses all over. He was the perfect fit for us, I can't imagine anyone giving him up because he's just such a good boy. :)

Jenna is also doing wonderfully.. she has gone from a sweet 9 week old pup when we adopted her, to a crazily energetic girl in her first year, and is now a loving lap dog who enjoys snuggling and being affectionate as much as she enjoys family outings, racing, and trips to the park. I can't put into words what an amazing dog she is.. I grew up with dachshunds and always adored them, but I have never met another as sweet and loving as Jenna. She is a joy to everyone she meets, always friendly, eager to show affection, and very well behaved. She is incredibly bonded to my husband and I, as well as our daughter... and now Jonas too! She loves everyone she meets, especially kids and we've gotten the nicest compliments on her everywhere we take her and what a sweet girl she is. She's outgoing, beautiful and unbelievably smart. She even won our local dachshund race this summer!! She is just the all-around perfect family dog, truly like our baby. We feel so lucky to have her, and now to have Jonas as well. :)

Both Jenna and Jonas have been such special additions to our family, and we thank DRNA and the wonderful foster parents for helping us to find them and bring them into our family. Its impossible to imagine life without them... they have given us so much happiness and joy already, and we have many years to look forward to with them both. We feel complete now with the 2 of them, but if we are ever looking to add to our family again, we will come to DRNA without hesitation. Thank you so much,
The McLean Family
Jami, Jon, Julianna, Jenna, and Jonas

contributed August 2006