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Joey - Now Griffin
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Story submitted 2011-06-29
Almost two years ago I lost my beloved dachshund, Hogan, after 13 wonderful years together. I was devastated and my heart felt broken for a long time, but I knew eventually I would get another dachshund. Little did I know how special he would be!

I recently moved (back) to Chicago and once I got settled in, I started thinking about getting another dog. I had only gotten dogs from breeders in the past but really felt like I wanted to go to a shelter or the Humane Society for my next pet. However, I was torn because I knew I wanted a dachshund (what else is there?) and assumed there was a slim chance there would be an abandoned dachshund at a shelter. By chance, I learned about Dachshund Rescue and contacted them regarding an adoption.

Lucky for me, the foster mom found the perfect little dog for me about 3 weeks after we first made contact! Joey has been renamed Griffin and is SUCH a good boy. I can hardly remember what it was like before he was here; it's like he's always been with me! He is a real "snuggler" and likes to bury himself in his blankets, or just hide his head underneath my sweatshirt when he is lying beside me. He is very protective of me (barks at the neighbors, then wags his tail at them) and we love spending time together. Sometimes he goes to work with me and he just snoozes under my desk all day, or we go on long walks and he gets lots of attention in his fancy harness that his foster mom made for him. I have been trying to spoil him to help him forget the difficult part of his life, so all my friends say he is so lucky. I know that I am the lucky one every single night when he crawls up on my lap to watch TV or when his sweet face peeks out from under his blankets in the morning! I feel so blessed that DRNA brought Griffin into my life!

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