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Jimmy Don
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Story submitted 2011-06-29
We had so much enjoyed and appreciated our experience with Kadie, so we decided to check on adopting a brother for her. Upon visiting the DRNA website, we noticed that it was Senior and Special Needs Month 2005. Our teenage sons began searching for daddy's little red boy. They found one and actually emailed the foster mom. When she emailed back, I realized he was in Pennsylvania! (We are in NC) So I apologized for the oversight. She again replied that she and her husband were coming to NC the next week! They actually were vacationing about 40 minutes SOUTH of our home! She offered to allow us to "doggy-sit" him for a few days to see how it would work. We agreed and decided to keep "Punkie". (*Our boys were discussing adopting Punkie with their dad one night. He said, "I don't think so guys -I don't really want to adopt a sick dog and get attached only for him to die real soon." The boys replied, "But, Daddy - if we adopt him, then we can be sure that however long he has left to live, will be the happiest time of his whole life!" WOW! Punkie was only 7 years old, but had two stage 4-5 heart murmurs and a thyroid tumor! You could NOT look at him and tell he was sick at all!

He had more energy than Kadie, who at the time was barely four years old! It took a few weeks before Kadie actually LIKED him, probably because he LOVED to LOVE and be loved, just like her! She had to learn to share some of the attention! We re-named ?Punkie? after my cousin who originally referred us to DRNA and Dona, who was his foster mom in PA. His new name was Jimmy Don. We were told that he may not live long at all, maybe 2 or 3 months; he lived 9 months! He spent his last summer romping and playing on the beautiful sands of Holden Beach, had turkey breast with his new family for Thanksgiving, woke up early to open presents on his last Christmas morning, and celebrated with doggie Oreos at his 8th birthday party!

It was March of 2006 when we lost him, but even then it was special. He had a bad week and I was up all night with him on Friday. I had dozed off over about 6am. Our middle son came in and said, "Mama, Jimmy woke me up and He's not doing good." I told him I knew and that he and I had been up all night and that I really had to get a little rest before the vet opened. He said, "I?ll keep him for a bit; you rest." He came back within a very short time and said, "Mama, I can't do this." I told him to lay him on the bed with us. Just a bit of time passed, and our oldest son came in and said almost the exact same thing. Jimmy had jumped up on our youngest son's bed, but he had spent the night away, so he woke our oldest son up! He also tried to sit with him for me to rest, quickly bringing him back to me. About 7:15 am, when Kadie woke up to go out to potty, I ask Jimmy if he wanted to go. I carried him to the backyard and watched as he and Kadie said their good-byes. It was very clear they were communicating. She tried to run and play, but soon walked back to him and escorted him around the yard. I carried him in and put him in the bed, right behind daddy's knees where he liked to sleep. And right there he went to sleep, very peacefully. Jimmy was funny - and loving - and oh so cute! Jimmy blessed us! It is an experience that our family will forever remember, and hold dear to our hearts! During our loss, DRNA was so kind and supportive! Thank you for all that you have done and are doing! May you all be blessed!
The Powell Family

contributed March 2007