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Jenna (formerly Rebekah)
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Story submitted 2011-06-29
Jenna (formerly Rebekah)
We found Jenna (formerly Rebekah) through DRNA when she was just 3 weeks old. We had been planning to get a dog as soon as we had our own home, and having grown up with 4 dachshunds, there was no doubt we wanted it to be a dachshund. When I found the DRNA site, I started contacting foster parents near me about some of the dogs on the site, but because we have a small child we decided it would be best to get a puppy so they could grow up with each other and wouldn't have to adjust as much.

I was contacted by Dona, who had taken in a dachshund who had had a litter of 3-week old dachshund/beagle mix pups. I hadn't thought of a mix, but as soon as she sent me the pictures I fell in love with the adorable "runt" of the litter, who was named Rebekah. When she was 6 weeks old we traveled 2 hours south to go meet Dona and the pups. After that there was no question.. we all fell in love with her. When she was almost 10 weeks old she came to live with us and we named her Jenna. Dona was such a great foster mom and loved Jenna so much; it really touched us and meant a lot to us that she had had such a good home. Its wonderful to know that although she is a rescue, she never had to go through any horrible life experiences.. she was born at Dona's home and given so much love and attention and adored by her wonderful foster mom! But no matter what her circumstances were that led to her being a rescued dog, it meant a lot to us to open our home to a dog in need of one instead of shopping from a pet store.

Jenna amazed us with how fast she adjusted, learning to walk on a leash, become house-trained (well mostly!) and by fitting in to our family so well. She goes everywhere with us, to the park, to family outings, she's even been to 2 dachshund races! Jenna is now 7 months old and 20 lbs (so much for being the runt)!! She and our 19 month old daughter Julianna (who is a year and a day older than Jenna!) have become best friends and partners in crime. They lay on the floor and give kisses, play tug-of-war, go for walks together, and even share Cheerios! lol She is beautiful and has the sweetest personality that wins people over as soon as they meet her. I couldn't be more thrilled with our DRNA experience and the addition of Jenna to our family. She is not a pet, she is like our second child and I can't imagine our family without her!
Thanks so much,
The McLean Family
Jami, Jon, Julianna, and Jenna
contributed September 2005