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Story submitted 2011-06-29
Hi, my name is JD. My life has been a doggy-tale. I lived with my original owners for 7 years when they decided to give me up. All I wanted was to love and be loved. But I was neglected. I have white spots in my eyes which prevent me from seeing clearly. The excuse to give me up was that they did not want me to have an accident on their new carpet. So that was the beginning of my new journey. I went to live with my foster mom Susan. She was a kind lady that had a lot of dogs that I could play with. I had only lived with her for 2 weeks when she got a phone call about me. We went for a long car ride, but I didn't mind, I got to nap- my favorite thing to do!!

That is when I met my new mommy. She took me to my new home where I got to meet my new sister, Jenni, she's also a doxie, and I met my new daddy, he gives the best belly rubs. I like to give my mommy kisses but she used to turn green when I did. She took me to the vet's and they cleaned my teeth, not only are they pearly white but I can smell things rather than my breath. Oh boy, I have so much fun finding new scents and mommy loves my kisses. She also took me to get my eyes checked and I didn't have cataracts like the original owners said, the vet said they gave me too many steroids and caused my eyes to be this way. Now I take my eye meds every morning and evening like a good little boy, and it's improving my sight. I have never pottied in my new home. I go to the door and scratch when I want to go out. Plus, I have this huge bed that I share with my family every night, and I get the best spot, the pillow. I'm also learning new things. I learned how to play with toys and what ice cream means, who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

We go for walks and car rides all the time. We go to this place called Nannies and Papaws and they spoil us. They laugh when my mommy talks to me in baby talk and dresses me up, but I think I look pretty handsome if I do say so myself. I'm really happy now that I have this family that I love so much and they love me so much too! Mommy says I'm an angel from heaven.

contributed September 2004