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Story submitted 2011-06-29
JD, a 7-8 year-old wire-haired dachshund mix, is our first rescue from DRNA. He joins Sadie Paige, our black & tan shorthair. What a terrible first half of 2004 this sweet little guy endured. JD's elderly owner passed away. JD was promptly taken to the Humane Society and developed kennel croop. We understand he went from the shelter to one rescue group, then to DRNA. JD's story spoke to us above all others. Because he wasn't the classic small, young purebreed doxy, I feared he would be overlooked. His sweet face and sad story touched my heart. I found myself looking at his posting on the web every day. JD came for a "visit" on Mother's Day 2004 and has been with us ever since. It is true what they say about rescue dogs --they are very grateful for the love and attention. For every little thing I do for JD and Sadie, they repay me 10 fold with love, attention, devotion, and a good feeling about myself.

Although JD is our first rescue, he won't be the last. Rescue is the only way to go and I highly recommend it to everyone. DRNA gives an honest evaluation of each dog by experienced doxy owners -- something you won't get at the local pet store.

On behalf of JD and Sadie, we wish you and your dachshund family a Happy 2005.
Janet P.