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Story submitted 2011-06-29
Jasmine came to her new home on Halloween 2009. I brought her home from Fredericksburg to Baltimore and she slept on my lap for that whole long ride. She was very quiet that evening at the house; despite the constant ringing of the bell by the neighborhood children collecting candy.

Jasmine was adopted when we decided that we wanted to get a companion for our other faithful doxie, Jake. Jasmine was a similar age to him and that was a big factor in her adoption. I loved the fact that her nose and eyes were the same gorgeous red color as her coat. What a beauty! We even have a good friend in Russia who was glad to write a glowing e-mail for us as part of the reference process. Together they make a nice longhaired pair: Jake is a black & tan and she is a pure red.

The dogs had a few weeks while they were determining who would be the Alpha dog. Jake had the weight and size advantage; but Jasmine's determined attitude made her emerge as the boss of the house. She quickly fell into the comfortable routine of the house. The dogs now love to play together and spend all morning snoozing together in the same ray of sunlight that comes into the bedroom. Jasmine is the most particular dog that I have ever met when she is sleeping on a blanket. She will literally spend 5 minutes rearranging the messed-up blanket to get it absolutely "perfect" before she will lay down. At night they curl up together in the big bed with their daddies. Jasmine and Jake take 3 walks each day around the neighborhood and have become quite popular with the neighbors. She loves her rides in the car and will press her nose against the window and watch the world go by.

Jasmine's profile said that she always wants to be in someone's lap and that is completely true. She just loves her daddies and is always ready to cuddle anywhere. I've learned to share the seat at the computer with her; and once she gets settled she is no trouble at all. During the winter she learned the wonderful benefits of sleeping in front of a roaring fireplace. The major snowstorms that hit Baltimore in February 2010 were daunting to her. She initially did not like the snow but once she saw her brother frolic in the snow then she had to participate as well. She received 3 different sweaters from people for Christmas and she wears them all quite well in the cool weather.

Jazz, as she is affectionately known; is completely devoted to her owners. She always has to be in the same room as her people. If I am working at the computer and look over as she watches me from the floor her tail will begin to wag instantly. If I want to lay on my back on the floor to take a nap by the fire she will climb up on my chest and just sit there for an hour to watch over me and keep guard. She wags her tail with such ferocity that her entire little body will move to and fro. When she is really excited (just before taking a walk) her front paws will bounce slightly off the ground in some sort of doxie tap dance. In the morning she will start wagging her tail wildly as soon as eye contact is made while she is in bed. She does not like to give doggie kisses but she will walk across the covers to snuggle your face. How sweet!

Her brother Jake has a variety of toys and loves to play with them all the time. Jasmine is baffled by this. She has never learned to play but is slowly learning while watching her brother. She does now have 1 tiny stuffed red toy that she will carry around the house occasionally; so it is a start! She would much rather have belly rubs instead of toys. Her favorite possession continues to be a small purple blanket that was sent home with her by her foster mom, Yolanda. She will sleep on top of this blanket for hours each day.

Adopting Jasmine has really enriched our lives and also created happiness for our other dachshund. They have quickly become a bonded pair and hate to be apart from one another. Jake is happy to have a permanent friend around the house and we were fortunate that we were able to give a loving home to this tiny dog who is just overflowing with devotion, love and loyalty.

Jasmine looks forward to Doxie Phest in October 2010 when she can meet all of her old friends from the foster home.

contributed April 2010