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Jack (formerly Buddy)
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Story submitted 2011-06-29
For those of you who saw Buddy (now Jack) in February, with his list of precautions, I must say that he is doing just wonderful. Having him brings me so much joy and happiness! And this is what he wanted to tell you.

I'm sitting on the futon in my Mom?s office dictating what I want her to type. When I first came into rescue, I went by Buddy but Mom changed my name to Jack. She said I was getting a new start on life and a new name to go with it. I kind of like the name, makes me sound dapper, handsome, and exciting (all of which I am).

After my foster Mom Eileen dropped me off, I just couldn't believe it. She told me about forever homes, but she took me to Baltimore on a Sunday gave me some kisses and pats and left. So here I was with this other lady that I didn?t know and I was SO scared that I tried to hide at the very back of my crate. That?s me in the photo, all you can see are my eyes! And let me tell you what the lady did - she came over there and sat by my crate and started talking to me! On and on she went for more than an hour.

In that hour I learned about her family and guess what?? The whole family is CRAZY about doxies! There are two other doxies in the family Max and Mi Mi. She even called her Mom one night and had her talk to me over the phone! Everyone wanted to know all about me, where did I come from, what did I look like and they wanted pictures. I was really surprised that humans would want to know so much about me.

You see the first part of my life wasn't so great. I came from a puppy mill in NC and the people were not so kind. Lucky for me this really nice lady adopted me from the shelter, but I really don?t care for men. And don?t you know she had a husband?!? After trying a lot she had to turn me over to DRNA.

The first week or so was hard on both Mom and me. She tried really hard to make up to me, but my trust in the human race was low. I wouldn't eat if she stayed in the room, but she was really determined and started to hand feed me. I attempted to resist, but being a true doxie, my tummy took charge. Mom would sit beside me and pet my head or give me mini back rubs 'n boy did those feel good and before I knew it, I started to relax. I didn't know life could be so good! Mom kept saying things like: I love you, I'm so glad you're here and Jack's such a good boy; I'd never heard so many compliments before.

And now after being together for six weeks I can truly say that I'm learning to trust. I still have my moments but by and by I am becoming more doxie like everyday. Mom just laughs when I go out and kick the grass now. I have the whole go out to potty get a treat thing mastered. I follow Mom to the kitchen (you never know she may drop me a treat!), I even wait for her at the top of the basement steps when she's doing laundry, I don't want her to get lost down there. My tail wags a lot and I really feel safe; so much so that I actually went to a male vet for a check-up last week (Mom is paranoid about my health, she watches me like a hawk). Every night when she turns the TV off, I know its time for bed and I must admit that I love sleeping in the big bed! Mom carries me up and brings me back down in the morning (and she thought she had me trained.) if this is a dogs life then I'll take it paws down!

Well I think I've said enough, but before I go I need to thank Eileen for fostering me and I want her to know that all is well and I?ve blossomed here. I also need to thank Ann and Susan who did the home study; I am the king of the house (even got a collar that says so)!
Best Wishes,
Jack and Shannon
contributed April 2006