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Jack C.
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Story submitted 2011-06-29
Hi, my name is Jack and I was adopted in Nov 2007. I live with my Mom in NJ, right on the river. When Mom picked me up I think we were both a little nervous. That first night I slipped my collar and scared my poor new Mommy almost to death. After the first few months my Mom and I got used to our new routine and we really began to get along. We go for walks and visit our neighbors and their dogs. I like all the doggies, but my special friend is Hershey. She lives next door and we give each other kisses all the time. She's real tall, but I know that she likes me. Mom and I watch TV together snuggled in the recliner or sometime I help my Mom cook and we hang out in the kitchen. We're always together and that's just how we like it!
I have lots of new toys and collars and harnesses that my Mom bought me! She goes shopping and I get to look through all the bags with her - sometimes she buys me treats and toys. I like those bags. Well I gotta go now - I have some power napping to do, then Mom will be home from work, and we'll go hang outside and take a stroll or play with my doggie friends.

Hi Liz and Jerry! I'm having a good ol time! Love, Jack

submitted march 2009