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Story submitted 2011-06-29
I'm Jack and I was adopted back in October 2005. My hobbies are barking, chasing squirrels, playing fetch with stuffed toys and I love to sleep but I'm always ready for a nice walk. Life couldn't be any better than at my new home. When I got there I had a crate that was way bigger than my old one, plenty of new toys, a nice little fenced in yard and some of the neighbors have dachshunds as well.

Although I used the crate a lot when I first got to my new home I pretty much have run of the house now when left alone. With the exception of occasionally digging through the dirty laundry, if left on the floor, or grabbing a dish towel once in a while, I pretty much leave everything alone. Although I did chew on one of my mom's flip flops . . . . and one or her high heels . . . . . and sometimes I like to get into the Kleenex box and pull out all the tissues. Whenever I hear by mom or dad come through the front door I just meet them at the back door so I can go outside to do my business. I have a bed downstairs and upstairs in my parents room, but normally in the middle of the night I sneak over to my mom's side of the bed and she lets me sleep up there with them. My dad doesn't realize it until he wakes up in the morning and I've got my nose nestled right up on him. My parents are the best and are real good about taking me on long walks or to the park to chase squirrels, bark at the ducks or dig for moles, although I haven't had any luck catching either. We also have a nice nature trail near home where I can get let off my leash for a bit to run around and goof off. During these walks I often find fragrant patches of grass that I love to roll around in. My parents laugh at me like I'm crazy but they have no idea how much fun it is to roll in the grass.

I've been to my new vet a couple times and everyone there loves me. They know me by name and the second I walk through the door everyone is lining up to say hi or just pet me. One of the girls said I have personality. I don't know what it means, but she was smiling the whole time she said it so it must be a good thing. I still don't like to have my nails clipped though and I'm still having issues when it comes to larger dogs. Luckily my dad is real cool and he takes me to the dog park pretty often and walks me around with the larger dogs, but not without being on my leash. I'm starting to get used to them a little but I can still sense it when one may be up to no good so I have to let him know who's boss.

I guess that's it. Everything is going great and I couldn't be happier than I am now at my new home. I hope all the other little dudes at the rescue are as lucky as I've been. I would also like to give a shout out to my foster home buddy Max. I hope you're doing well and big ups to the Leesburg, VA foster home who made my transition real smooth.

contributed May 2006