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Story submitted 2011-06-29
After the loss of our beautiful little senior lady, Penny, I was absolutely distraught. Of course, I still miss her so much, but rest in knowing that we will meet again!

We decided that it was time to open our home to another doxi. The doxi had to be from DRNA. We filled out the application and waited patiently. Then the email came. It was from our DRNA representative telling us about a little girl who had been rescued. She was two-years old and had been used as a breeder. Because of her coloring, her babies were in high demand.

We were emailed pictures of her and I knew then that we wanted her to be a part of our family. We wanted her to come to our home, forever. It seemed like eternity until one Sunday afternoon (January 1, 2006) our little girl arrived!

Issy, the blue color little girl, and Oscar, our red teddy bear, get along great. We are so pleased to have Issy as a part of our family.

Thanks so much DRNA for doing what you do and thanks to the fosters, representatives, etc. who make this happen!

We love our fur babies of past, present, and future.

contributed May 2006