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Story submitted 2011-06-29
My husband and I adopted Holly in July 2005. We had just lost our 2 mini doxie sisters to illness in May and were trying to come to terms with an empty house and no doggies to love. By chance I found the DRNA web page and was amazed as I knew nothing about it. Needless to say, it didn't take long to find a black tweenie doxie who needed a home and was currently living with foster Mom Libby in NC. We corresponded and I learned a lot more about Holly and she sounded wonderful. She had had a rough start in life until she ended up at a Georgia animal shelter - they contacted DRNA and Holly got a second chance in life.

We made up our mind to adopt her & started the procedure in motion. I filled out all the papers, gave references, had a home inspection and then got the magic phone call saying Holly would be brought to Fredericksburg on a Saturday in July and would we meer her there. Would we!! We flew down there, excited and nervous about mee ting the newest member of our family and had dinner and waited for THE phone call to say she was there. Finally, Louise called us & I was a bundle of nerves as we drove to meet her. Then Yolanda drove up & we met her too as well as Louise and Miss Holly made her appearance - we fell in love with her immediately and posed for a picture all together & then we took her home. She was very nervous and jumpy for a few months & wary of my husband (perhaps she had a bad experience with a male), but eventually he won her over with loads of love, belly rubs, biscuits and walks every day. It's almost a year now and we love her so much - she has made our house her home and taken over of course, including my husband's recliner which she allows him to share. She is such a loving affectionate little girl and like other DRNA adoptive parents, we can't imagine anyone giving her up. Holly has definitely found her forever home and we've found a loving happy little girl.

Thank you a thousand times DRNA volunteers.
Pamela & Frank Rollins
Centreville, VA
contributed July 2007