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Story submitted 2011-06-29
My name is Hoagie(it was Zeus before I was adopted) and I sure look like a Hoagie. Guess I hit the jackpot with a cocker spaniel named Lil Miss and two cats, Hummer and Snoopy. My Mom and all her friends think I am about the cutest thing around and some of them think Mom has spoiled me. Of course I only think I am getting my due since I had a rough life earlier. Mom has bought me several chew toys and I love to sleep with them - under the covers on Mom's bed of course. Snoopy sleeps on top of the covers so that doesn't bother me. One thing I don't like is thunder. I sit on Mom's lap and shake during the storms. I just don't like the nosie. By the way, my Mom is a pet sitter so she goes out and gives other guys love each day but she always has lots left for me and my siblings when she gets home. I'm lucky to have found such a good home and hope the rest of those guys get the same.

contributed July 2005