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Story submitted 2011-06-29
Hi all! Hildie here(with some help from my Daddy).

I was on the DRNA and petfinder sites since November, and now I realize the wait was worth it! My Forever Home Daddy drove over 300 miles to meet my Foster Mama, Lisa, and take me home. It's only been a few days and nights, but it's really nice to have the complete and total attention of a Mommy and Daddy ALL FOR ME! They love when I give them kisses, so I don't stop until they put their hands up over their mouths and make a raspberry sound! If they are petting me and they dare to stop, I nudge their arms to remind them that I'm still here and am so soft that they should never stop stroking my fur! I have this HUGE pink comforter that takes up the entire living room couch, which I sleep on everynight so far with my Daddy, and nap on during the afternoons with my Mommy.

I also have this pretty pink "Princess" bed in the kitchen that I nap in whenever anyone is eating or not home. They say that we'll be moving soon, and that I'll have more space to run around and play inside, but a smaller yard outside, which is okay with me, because I really don't like to spend more time outside than I have to to "do my business". And even though Daddy will be living somewhere else, he has promised to come and spend time with me EVERYDAY at Mommy's new house. Oh, and he gets kindof weird with me referring to him as my Daddy, since my Mommy is also his Mommy, but he laughs it off once I give him my "Please Daddy?" look!

I want to thank my Foster Mama, Lisa, for taking such good care of me for those months that I was at Wein Acres, and thank Pablo for loaning me his harness/coat for the ride to meet my Daddy. I miss you all, but am very happy and very loved in my Forever Home. Whenever I look at my Mommy or Daddy, they are always smiling at me and praising me! I am truly spoiled, but in that REALLY good way that EVERY Dachsie deserves to be!

Hildie Anderson
(with typing assistant Rob Nimmo)
contributed March 2007