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Story submitted 2011-06-29
My name is Henry.....I came to live with my forever home after having a pretty hard life. As most of you read on my adoption ad, I lived with a hoarder until the county and my foster parents moved me and five other dogs to their house in Columbia, SC. I was in pretty bad shape......malnutritioned, had heart worms, some bad teeth, and my ears had been chewed on and looked like puzzle pieces. Luckily, the DRNA and my foster parents found me a forever home. I am now officially Henry J. Brady but sometimes my forever parents call me Henrycakes, Dancin' Henry, GOOEY, the goo, and angel dog. Life here is good....I've gained weight, I'm officially heartworm free, and I'm actually growing.

My new vet friend says this is very normal for dogs who have been malnutrioned in the past. I have a new brother, Ted, who is about the same age as me and who was here long before I came. He was very nice to me from the start and shared all of his toys with me. We love each other very much and spend a lot of our spare time surveying the yard for squirrels, butterflies, and lizards. We also like to play a game where we steal the stuffed squirrel from one another and run! Another thing that I get to do at my new forever home is to take naps in the bed every morning after I get up and every evening before I have to go to crate - my mom rubs my tummy and it feels so good.

I like the laid back atmosphere here and I spend a lot of time napping in the sun. My forever parents think its neat that I can wrap up into such a small ball. I've noticed too that I like to dance and smile a lot. My forever parents sing for me and I just can't help but to start dancing.....Thank you DRNA from all of us!
Henry J. Brady
along with Jon, Cindy, and Ted
contributed Sept. 2005