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Heidi and Max
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Story submitted 2011-06-29
I just wanted to say thanks to DRNA for rescuing these two sweeties. Heidi is the red dachs/jack russell mix (or "Jack-in-the-dox" as I call her), and Max is the black and tan. In the pic they are enjoying a sunny spot on the carpet.

Heidi had a day left in a high kill shelter south of Atlanta, GA when I picked her up on behalf of DRNA and adopted her in July of 2001. She was a skinny, frightened 9-month-old pup, but quickly came out of her shell to become the feisty, playful girl we love so much. It's almost like she knows she got a second chance and plans on living every second of it with joy!

Max came along a year later from DRNA as a companion for Heidi, who is full of life and needed a doggie pal. Max had been in a shelter in south GA, I was told, and has a crooked tail and a couple of scars. We can't imagine what happened to him in his previous life, but he is a pampered pet now. Heidi and Max are like peas and carrots, even though I was told DRNA had a hard time placing Max because he didn't "play well with others". But he loves his Heidi, and is my little cuddlebug.

These two are about 5 years old now and the joy of my husband's and my life. They are very different personalities; Heidi is crazy and Max is very laid back. But they balance each other out...Max calms Heidi down, and she stirs him up! They are always doing something crazy and giving us a good laugh. I can't imagine life without them.
Thanks again, DRNA, for all the good work you do...
Elisabeth Eickhoff
Sugar Hill, GA
contributed December 2006