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Story submitted 2011-06-29
I just received Heidi (the artist formerly known as Sapphire) on Sunday after her long trip to Minnesota. I just wanted to say thanks to the vet that took care of her in Tell City, IN and to all the volunteers that helped to get her here. Luckily it is not too cold here yet...the poor dear will be in for a shock when she has to go out to potty and its 50 below! But I have had dachshunds for about 20 years and they do adapt. They are not outside much anyway. She has a big brother Sam here who is a small red standard and 14 years old. She is a mini (very tiny and sweet and adorable) black and tan. She is a tad thin but otherwise my vet said she is a-ok. She is guessed to be between 2 and 3 but she acts like a 2 month old pup. Loves to play, wrestle, attack me like she's a cat, barks at herself in the mirror, and gives everyone kisses. She loves everyone even kids. But NOT cats. She's all tough when my cats are ten feet away but if I put her close she goes limp. When she is kind of scared or overwhelmed she gets limp like she is going to pass out. Such a goofy girl. I forget that everything is new to her so she ran her head into a glass door yesterday. Maybe she needs a helmet. LOL She is being very spoiled with new clothes and toys and sleeps curled up next to me. She wakes up a couple times in the night to chew my face and see if I am awake (I'M NOT) and then goes back to sleep. We are working on potty training.

Obviously I am very happy with her and I strongly recommend adopting an adult dachshund. When I buy a house I will be getting another one!