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Story submitted 2005-09-15
Hi! My name is Edward, and I was adopted in July 2005. I just wanted to say thank you to my Foster Mom Lois for finding me my new home in South Carolina. It was quite an adventure moving from Illinois, but now I am in the Upstate near Clemson University. It is really cool here! There is a big forest called Issaqueena. They say it is some kind of research forest with over 8,000 acres that is run by the University. All I know is there are LOTS of trails to run and play on! And, I LOVE mountain streams. Apparently, I am quite a water dog--who knew! There is also a big lake near my house. My new Mommy (I hear people calling her Debbie) has already bought me a season pass so I can go swim anytime I want to! This weekend I found out about these things called "sprinklers" Boy were those fun! The water just keeps on coming! I had fun running back and forth. Luckily Mommy was there waiting with a towel when I was done. And I keep hearing about this thing called the "Ocean". I am not sure what that is, but who cares? I cannot wait to go find out! I know I get to go to Charleston soon, That is where I will get to see the Ocean, and the best part is I may get to meet up with my best friend from foster care! That is where he found his forever home.

I am having so much fun with my new family! My new Mommy also has a couple of cats. They are not too crazy about me yet, but I do not mind them so much. I think one day I am going to win them over and we will be the best of friends (after all, who can resist me for very long). I have the most fun going to visit my Godfather, Matt, and his two boys (also longhaired dachshunds), Rudy and Oscar. I was a little too hyper for their tastes at first, but we have become best buds. Even though Oscar is eleven, he keeps up with me pretty well (and that is no small feat!).

Words like enthusiastic, exuberant, and adorable get used about me all of the time. I am not really sure what all that stuff means, but I think it is all good. People are usually smiling or laughing and hugging on me when they say it. I hear my Mommy saying all of the time that it?s a good thing that I am such a cutie--whatever that means! Sometimes that is said in the same conversation with words like stubborn and bullheaded. I do not think those are as good, but I hear those are dachshund traits so I don?t worry too much. All I know is I am still pretty young. The world is still such a big, new exciting place--so much to see and do! I just have to learn that I cannot chase every butterfly I see. Occasionally I have to be a big doggie and listen to my parents! They tell me it is for my own safety. At first I thought they just didnot want me to have any fun, but now I know they love me so maybe it really is for my own good.

My Mommy has also bought me bunches of toys (that is a good thing since the fuzzy stuffed ones do not last very long!). I will play fetch for hours (if only my humans could keep up). Mom is always hugging on me and telling me how much she loves me, too. I do not really like to stay still that long, but I have decided that it is ok as long as she lets me give her kisses! But at the end of the day, I like nothing more than to curl up on the big bed with my Mommy--warm, safe and protected. I think I truly have found my forever home!

Submitted by Edward
(with a little help from his Mommy!)
Liberty SC