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Story submitted 2011-06-07
You came into my life as my 11th foster...abandoned on the side of a busy road and picked up by animal control. You didn't stand a chance in the shelter, and luckily they contacted Ann at DRNA. I'll never forget the day I got you. I was handed a 13- 17 year old, skinny, broken down dog who had numerous problems....stiff legs, bilateral hernia, lumps and bumps, a crooked nose, a broken jaw, 6-7 teeth, and one adorable snaggle tooth. None of that bothered you. Your tail started wagging the moment you saw me, and you never let me leave your sight after that.

As with all my fosters, my intention was to get you ready for your forever home, but within a month or two, I began to see something very special in you. One of the best decisions I ever made was to make you my forever dog. Everywhere we went people were drawn to you. You touched so many more lives than just the four humans you lived with...family, friends, even strangers on the street were curious about you, and by the time we were done talking they had fallen in love with the little dog with the big brown eyes, wonderful ears, forever wagging tail, that snaggle tooth of course, and lots of spirit.

I feel so lucky that you were my dog and my companion for 22 months....you are my special little girl and I miss you terribly, as does the whole family. My hope is that you inspired more people to consider adopting a senior pet. You were truly a unique, loving, and inspirational dog. We soon came to realize that we were the lucky ones for having adopted you into our lives. You will forever be in our hearts.

We love you Peaches.

The Piston Family(Denise, Nick, Ashley, and Nicky)

To see that amazing doxie spirit, here's a link to a video we made of her one month after she entered foster care. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPb1Lp5k5b8