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Story submitted 2005-04-15
My family and I adopted Duke a little over a year and a half ago. (He's the smooth coat in the picture). When we got him from the rescue, he was very shy of everyone. He wouldn't sit on anyone's lap. He would only allow petting if he sat at your feet and nudged your toes. He did not play much and usually sat on the floor in the kitchen on a rug, curled up sleeping.

My teen daughter fixed that! She would simply snatch him up and plant kisses on top of his head until he fixed an eye on the rest of us that said "Ooooh, this is goooood!" After a few weeks, he began begging to be in laps and started to play with our other doxie, Bubba. Duke's heart and attitude are VERY doxie now, earning him the nick-name of Scrappy-Doo. He is a welcome addition to the family and TOTALLY spoiled.

Jackie G.