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Dexy (formerly Midnight)
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Story submitted 2009-02-14
Wow! It's hard to believe that it's been almost a year since my Dexy boy (formerly Midnight) came into my life. Time sure flies. He is such a sassy, funny boy and can make anyone smile with his antics. I can't imagine my life without my "fuzzy haired" little guy.

I decided to adopt a second dachshund when my 13 yr old dachshund Sydney seemed lonely. I was perusing the adoption sites when I came across an all black long haired dachshund by the name of Midnight. He was classified as a special needs dog because he has collapsing trachea syndrome which makes him honk like a goose. He was believed to be 7 years old and was a terrified little guy. Something about him spoke to my heart and I filled out an application right then and there for him (in my haste, I forgot to let my references know that someone would be contacting them, oops!).

I began corresponding with Dexy's (formerly Midnight) foster mom Pam through email quite a few times a day. I couldn't wait to see if he would fit in with me and Sydney. Adoption is a lifetime commitment so I wanted to be sure that I was the right fit for Dexy (Midnight) and that Dexy (Midnight) was the right fit for Sydney and me. Pam was an absolute angel and answered all of my questions and gave me lots of invaluable insight and information. I remember it being right around Christmas time that I found out that I was approved! Talk about the best Christmas gift ever! And Pam even met me half way in VA (I'm in PA and she's in SC)!

I took Pam's advice and not to force myself on him but to let Dexy come to me and it did not take long at all before he was nuzzling me for some love. Dexy is 100% a mamma's boy. He is absolutely my dog and all other people don't compare to me in his eyes. He is always happy and wagging his tail. He seems to have a perpetual grin.

When I lost my Sydney this past December, I don't think I would have been able to get through it without my Dexy boy by my side. He is pure joy and happiness and the most sensitive, gentle soul. I always tear up when I think about what he must have endured before he reached DRNA. He has put those years of his life behind him and now is living the good life with me. I would do anything for this special boy. He touches everyone he meets and has been a great ambassador for rescue dogs everywhere. I am truly blessed that Pam was able to take a chance on a long distance adoption and I will forever be grateful to her as Dexy's Angel for bringing him into my life.

Amy Snyder and Dexy Midnight Goose
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