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Story submitted 2006-06-15
From Dexter:
Hi Folks!
Remember me I'm the guy who had a hard time finding a forever home. Well guess what??? I found my special forever home!!!

Yeah I have some issues; but it's ok here! I flop around sometimes with my back legs. Accidents are few and far between, it's ok though! My new mom and brothers don't mind. I go outside right when mom gets up and stay out awhile. When she goes to work I just knock around with Oscar and Mugs! We mainly just become snuggle potatoes until mom comes home!

I spend my afternoons on the deck with the guys, we chase after a bull frog in the fish pond! I go for walks with the guys and the best part is I get to go in the car a lot. I love the wind in my face!

I have tons and tons of toys they ALL squeak! My first night here Oscar and I gave a symphony to Mugs and mom! I think my toy was a little flat. I have a new snuggle bed which is way cool, I just crawl in and I'm as snug as a bug in a rug! We all have them, we switch around from bed to bed. The chews mom has are the best, Oscar and I have fun stealing each others. We chase each other around, Mugs comes and takes both of them so we have to chase Mugs.

From Nancy (Mom):
For those of you who know Dexter and those who transported him to Virginia, I thank you. He's a very loving dog. He just needed someone who would love him. He spends most days playing and running in the yard with Mugs and Oscar. He's learning to use the ramp I built for him to get on and off the deck. He now occupies the left side of my shrinking bed!

Dexter had a special need, it was just to be where he could run and play without being tied to a tree and not punished for what he couldn't control! He will be here with us forever! He is loved and he loves back!

A picture of Dexter in his snuggle bed, of course with his instruments!

Thank you Yolanda and Jane
Nancy S, Oscar and Mugs!!!