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Daisy (formerly Valentine)
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Story submitted 2008-11-15
We adopted Valentine, a doxie mix, from DRNA in early summer 2008. We renamed her Daisy and she's been our little ball of energy and joy ever since. She's incredibly smart and a very fast runner and I plan on getting her into agility training once she reaches 1 year old. She is a chow hound extraordinare, perfecting the art of mooching. When we come home from work, her curly little pig tail wags so hard her whole butt wags with it. She has the "ballerina" feet, and one ear sticks out to the side. She plays tug of war and chase with our other doxie mix, and then they snuggle up and nap together. She's a comical, loveable, adorable dog, and we wouldn't trade her for the world!

Lisa Wolfgang and Kenny Williams