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Daisy and Phoenix
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Story submitted 2010-07-15
My partner Paolo and I had moved from Italy with our beloved Daisy "the 1st" a mini wired-haired black and tan daughter of champions and mother to five pups - a whole other chapter.
After two years of living in NYC we lost Daisy after 17 1/2 years of literally being with us 24hrs a day. It was a tragic moment and one that literally took all of our strength to over come our sadness. After sometime , as the pain subsided we knew we were ready to take on again all the joys that dachshunds can give. We realized that life is simply empty without a dachshund. We knew we wanted to adopt as my sister has a true rescue dog in the UK who lived the first 6 months of her life defending for herself on the streets, but who couldn't have a more sweeter, kinder nature with humans and four legged friends alike. That says it all about the unconditional love that any dog can give.
After discovering the DRNA web site I think we spent every evening online with a box of tissues, crying over the stories and searching, applying and setting up meeting with the people from DRNA team. When we first came across Daisy she was paired with Phoenix and it seemed so strange to find a doxie not only physically alike the dog we had lost but also with the same name. Now I know that it was not that strange as destiny had taken us to her and her buddy.
Daisy and Phoenix were in Indianapolis. They came to together and we didn't want it any other way. Phoenix is a chocolate brown prince, who turned out to be more of a standard size and the DRNA had changed his name from something that was demeaning - we never knew what it was, but how suitable that our prince is named after the firebird "who form the ashes rises" . Phoenix was Daisy's defender after ending up in the wrong home through family misfortunes, he had taken the worst from some bad dogs owned by bad people. Daisy no longer lived inside from fear and when the DRNA found her she had a broken leg with dreadful fleas and passive pee problems, that had probably not helped her situation with the bad people she had ended up with.

The foster parents had done a phenomenal job in bringing them back to be ready to take on the next chapter in their life. With an overdose of affection and treats, these two munchkins were back from the nightmare their lives had been and eager to love and be loved back. We were there for them and ready to literally fly them away from all the unhappiness they had known.

What Phoenix and Daisy didn't know is that had ended up in what some might call a "privileged home". Paolo and I have been very lucky in life and have been able to give the pair not only all the love, cuddles, and kisses but a life of luxury and indulgence (diet apart!). They are never out of our arms but when they are they now live between New York and Connecticut in designer collars, cashmere sweaters, and 1000 thread-count sheets. It has gotten so bad that when a black town-car stops nearby in the street, I have to pull them away because they think it is there car service! They vacate with us in the Caribbean, where they love the beaches and warm sea. They have the love and support of all of our friends, family and including their full-time dog-walker, and all their friends at "Ritzy Canine" doggy-daycare. Nothing is too much for them but what we get back is without a cost or a price. They give us all the joy and happiness you could ever hope for and we realizes how lucky we have been to have this wonderful pair in our lives. Adopting them is quite simply one of the best things we ever did.

Simon Kneen, New York