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Story submitted 2007-09-15
Last year we adopted Daisy, who is a beagle/dachshund/who knows mix, from DRNA. After being rescued by DRNA from a pound based on some vague resemblance to a dachshund, I fell in love with Daisy and she became a happy member of our family (which now consists of three rescued dachshunds and a rescued cat). Daisy is perhaps the best dog one could ever have. Now, before you say, "oh, I've heard that one before," let me tell you what happened to us on Saturday night.

Just after 4am this past Saturday night (or Sun morning), we awoke to the very serious barks and growls of our little girl, Daisy. Dan and I commenced a conversation about what outside might have set her off, and I told Dan to take her downstairs to show her that everything was alright. Then Dan heard movement downstairs - everything was not alright.

We called 911, the police came, and there WAS a stranger in our house! A very drunk man had wandered into our (yes, unlocked) back door and made himself quite comfortable on our couch. He even took off his shirt and shoes, and ate some of my cookies on the coffee table! The man was arrested and taken away. But we have to wonder - what if Daisy hadn't been so insistent that something was wrong? Would we have come down the next morning to find a stranger in the house? Would he have been violent? Would he have waked up during the night and taken what he could carry away, or worse...?

Daisy saved the day and, perhaps, our lives this weekend. Needless to say, she got many treats and a new stuffed toy yesterday. Dan will have to visit our local precinct today to sign the standard forms, and I suggested that the police give Daisy a good citizen award.