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Story submitted 2007-02-15
Crackers came to me in August 06 as a foster. He was one of three doxies surrendered by a family that could no longer care for them. Crackers had just been cleared by the vet after a successful back surgery. He got very little interest on the DRNA website and I can only assume it was because he was a back dog. After 6 months in foster care, my husband and I decided that he was part of our family and could not imagine giving him up. We adopted him in December. We have fostered around 15 doxies and this was our first "foster failure," although I will admit that there were many we thought about keeping. Crackers has the best disposition and laid back personality (well, for a doxie anyway). Now, I take him on many of my home visits and just about everyone that meets him wants to adopt him. Funny-huh? I am thankful that he is now my baby and I feel sorry for all those people who passed up on a great dog just because he had back surgery. Their loss was my gain and as one of my fellow doxie friends put it, "I GOT THE BEST DEAL." In the picture, Crackers (left) and my other adopted mutt, Rita, share a hug.