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Story submitted 2010-09-15
I adopted Cowboy almost 5 years ago from DRNA at 9-1/2 years. Up until about a year ago, he went to choir practice with me and also to a regular Friday evening meeting. About 50 different people expected to see him every week, and they always asked about him if I wasn't able to bring him. Cowboy's a little more tired now, his vision is a little worse, his hearing's not great, and he may be losing his mental edge. I'm retirement age, so I can understand all these age-related inconveniences.

Cowboy has taught me a lot about life and love. If I outlive him, I'll probably be looking to DRNA to provide another older dog in need to teach me a little more about life and love. I'll love that new dog a lot, but there will always be a very special place in my heart for Cowboy.

Thanks Phyllis,
Lenoir City, TN