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Story submitted 2006-11-15
Our family fell in love with Dachshunds about 6 years ago when we got our first little sable long haired dachshund, Oscar. We also have Molly, the Min Pin, and decided she needed a companion. Molly, as are most Min Pins, was/is very high energy and often aloof and we wanted the new companion dog to be a little less hyper active and a little more loving. Unfortunately, Oscar developed a severe case of diabetes that even twice daily injections could not control so we lost him just before his 6th birthday. We were all devastated and even Molly, the Min Pin, became ill and spent a week in the doggie hospital with severe pancreatitis. Our vet was convinced that Molly's condition was a result of stress and grief over losing her friend.

We originally were not going to get another dog right away for many reasons. We were still grief stricken over losing Oscar and we also have our hands full raising our 2 year old granddaughter, Addyson. My husband, Charlie, is retired and has a very severe hearing loss and he was just lost without his little friend and after almost losing Molly too, we collectively decided we needed another dog and the only breed we would consider would be another dachshund. We did not want another puppy and decided we wanted to give a dog a good home. I found DRNA online and my husband and I both searched through the many available dogs. Simultaneously (me from work and my husband from home), we found Copper (a beautiful red, long haired, boy) and fell in love with his story. Kathryn from Tulsa is an angel in disguise and she will always have a place in our hearts for allowing us to adopt Copper. She loves her rescues and her work with DRNA and it is very apparent it is a labor of love for her. We got Copper on 6/11/06 and he is truly part of our family and we would all be lost without him. We were initially told Copper was afraid of men. That lasted around Charlie for about 30 minutes and then they were the best of buddies. Wherever Charlie goes, Copper is right behind him. Copper also fancies himself as the protector of our 2 year old granddaughter and whenever unfamiliar people come into our home and approach Addyson, he lets them know that she is his little person by standing between them and barking. Once we tell him it's o.k., he'll allow the people to approach Addyson but he never takes his eyes off of her until they are gone.

Thanks to our great experience with Kathryn and DRNA, this is the only process we'll use for future dachshund family members!

Debbie & Charlie AND Addyson,
Fort Smith, Arkansas