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Story submitted 2011-05-08
As I sit here, patiently waiting to leave work so I can go home for the evening, I think of the newest energetic addition to our household -- Cookie, aka "Cookie Monster." You might giggle at her nickname, but it suits her perfectly, for she has the most monstrous of all personalities -- plus she likes her cookie treats!

I found Cookie just at the right time. My boyfriend and I bought our very first house in August of 2006, and we had been dying to add another dog into our household. We currently have a 3 year old Siberian Husky named Demon (but don't let his name fool you -- he's a total sweetheart!) that we had adopted 2 years ago. We also have two cats, a male and female. We've always grown up with tons of animals around, and once we had more room to spare, another animal was destined to become a part of our family. The problem was where to get the perfect companion! I did a lot of researching on rescue dogs and decided with the help of my best friend who has owned dachshunds that one would be perfect for me -- loyal, with a lot of spunk!

Cookie has been such a wonderful addition to our home. She's lively, quick, and a total sweetheart! Her and Demon took to each other immediately, and most days you can find her using him as her personal jungle gym! Demon has become even more happy since she came into our home with us. He was in need of a companion! Most nights find me and my boyfriend sitting in the living room watching tv, with both Cookie AND Demon in our laps! Can you imagine the sight?! Cookie loves to give kisses and she's even learned a few tricks since she's made her forever home with us.

I can't say thanks enough to her WONDERFUL fosters, Louise and Yolanda. They really made my year complete when they allowed me to bring Cookie home! Cookie misses them a lot (I can so tell!), but not to worry, we have visits in mind for her to catch up with her "mommies" from the past. Even though she's a miniature doxie, at just under 5 pounds, this girl has a LOT of love to give from a very small package! I can't imagine our house without her now!