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Story submitted 2010-06-15
We adopted our newest doxie, two year-old Cody, on 4/2/2010. WOW, what a difference two months make! Cody has gone from a shy little guy to the funniest and happiest little doggie imaginable. He's turned into a great snuggler especially with his new mommy! Adjustment with his new big sister and doxie buddy, Holly, has taken a little time but they are happy snugglers now and best buds. Holly was on kennel rest for 4 weeks and that's all it took for Cody to start loving and caring for his new sister. They are inseparable now. I've been amazed at how much Cody loves children. I was worried at first but he loves them, especially my 4 year old niece. When she's around he follows her everywhere and they love to be in each other's faces loving each other. My niece told me, "Cody's fun and he's furry!" My children are older and love on him and play with him all the time. Cody usually takes turns sleeping with either mommy, daddy, and Holly in our bed or with my youngest son in his bed. Cody is so at home here, especially looking out the big picture window or sliding doors at all the squirrels, rabbits, and birds! His foster-mommy told me she only heard him bark one time in the two months he lived with her... well, now he barks ALL the time! And did I mention car rides just rock! CODY LOVES TO GO BYE BYE! This week Cody just started with his crazy antics in the mornings. He's so playful and will carry on with me for 20 or 30 minutes, but then mommy has to say "no more" so she can get ready for work! It's so much fun to see Cody so free to be himself. He's not just come out of his shell, he's broken out of it and left that shell shattered into a million pieces!!!!!!!!! I just adore this little baby boy we've adopted and am so happy we are his "forever" home.

Thanks so much for finding us the best doggie buddy to add to our home!

Don't miss our doxies pictures... Cody is the handsome black and tan doxie and Holly is the pretty princess chocolate dapple doxie! Our doxies light up our home with love!

All our love,
The Kerstings
St. Louis, MO