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Story submitted 2007-02-14
Hello. On Nov 27, 2005, we adopted Darwin--a long haired dachshund who was 5 years old. We renamed him Cocoa and he is amazing!! What a lovable, kind, sweet dog. He turned 6 on 12/17/05, and we can't imagine our lives without him.

Elisa(12) and Mikey(8) absolutely adore Cocoa. He is a big "mush" with them and will just lay on their laps and watch TV with them. Afterschool, Cocoa sits right under Mikey's feet while he does his homework.

On 12/27/06, Cocoa turned 7. We bought him a doggie cupcake--which is a big treat for him--and he was in heaven. We gave him a small piece everyday of Christmas break. We've enclosed a few pictures, with his new harness and Dad's baseball cap. We have also learned that Cocoa sings opera. When he hears it, Cocoa tilts his head and then raises his head, and sings with the music. It is fantastic!! We still can't believe someone gave him up--but we are glad they did and we now have him to love! Thanks for bringing him into our lives!

The Csorba family --
Melanie, John, Elisa, Mikey and Cocoa