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Story submitted 2008-03-15
Hi there, my name is Coco (with some help from my new mom). I was adopted in September of 2007 after DRNA helped find me a home. I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who helped me before I got my new family and let them know that I am doing great especially Cherri, Sheila, and the lady that made my Dachshund noodle jumble.

I took me a couple weeks to make sure that I was going to like it here. I didn't like people leaving me downstairs at all by myself and would bark and bark so they would come back and I really didn't like the kitties or Roxy the other doxie(still don't like those kitties but Roxy and I are working on it.) But I was still a really good doggie and got to meet lots of new people one at a time over the next few months. They told my mommy that I might bite people that I didn't know so she was really careful about who came around me at first and made them all get down on the floor to meet me. That helped me a lot and I never did bite anyone.

I believe that I really do have the best family in the world. I get lots and lots of puppy loveies as they call it here from my mommy, new daddy and grandma and grandpa(I took to him really quickly cause all he does is sit and read so I can spend all day on his lap when he is here.) Every night I get Mommy's lap while we watch TV after Roxy has gone to bed with her toy. I have a huge backyard and get to go outside when ever I want (so long as I don't bark at the kids across the street or the kitties in the upstairs window for too long- I sure don't like them. I also get to go for walks at the park and around the neighborhood. I have gotten lots of new toys since I came here too but my favorite thing in the whole world is a purple stretchy glove that grandma dropped next to me one day. I loved it so much that she let me keep it. I can run and run and run with that glove in my mouth and if I am lucky sometimes they will throw it to me. Who needs all those "dog toys" anyways? I leave them for Roxy. She seems to like them but couldn't care less about my glove. Weird huh? I also still have my bed that was sent with me when I came here. It made me really feel at home the first few weeks and I still lay in it when ever I get a treat.

My family is finally discovering all of my hidden talents. My mommy got married in December and my new daddy has been working with me to get me to do tricks...little did they know, I already knew a bunch. I can sit and roll over even shake hands(mommy was really excited about that one).

I really hope that all of the other doggies that need homes can get a good one too. I know that my mommy is really happy that she decided to adopt me. She tells me almost every day.
Thank you for finding me a home,
Coco (and Jen)