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Cinnamon and Gracie
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Story submitted 2011-05-03
Adopt a senior month...hmmm get a free weenie dog sounds too good to be true. So we had a family conference 7 of the 8 dogs agreed to add another family member. Rosie, the dachsador, still thinks she should be an only dog. So I contacted Dona Show and lo and behold I adopted not 1 but 2 seniors. Gracie, a dachsie beagle mix and Cinnamon a rebenesque dachsie came to Irish Dreams Farm. Gracie is a quiet delicate little girl until she wants something then she has this huge baying bark which is designed to scare the crap out of you as well as to get your attention. She has explored every inch of the farm and pronounced it a good place to live. She loves sleeping in the big bed and thinks popcorn is the best food in the world next to steak. Cinnamon, also known as Sillymon is not really 13. She thinks toys are to be killed and god help the deer who have the nerve to come on the property. She was hiding in the grass one afternoon when she spotted a deer eating apples and you would have thought World War 3 had begun. Cinnamon alerted the entire state about the deer.

Cinnamon is also happy to report she has lost .5 pound and is feeling quite sveldt.

I am so glad these two seniors decided to come home with me.

~Kb and the mountaineer dogs at Irish Dreams Farm.