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Story submitted 2007-04-15
My name is Cindy and my beloved owner, Mr. Rill, became too old to care for me and called Ann Donnawell of DRNA to help. Susan Spurgeon agreed to foster me but one month at her house and her husband Bill said "Cindy is never leaving this house." I'm the sweetest one in the house. My tail is always wagging. I'm a terror when it comes to food though. I may have lost most of my teeth but I've got one good fang that I can get you with even though I don't mean to. Now Mr. Rill and his friends just loved to feed me because it made me so happy. When I came to the Spurgeons, I weighed 22 pounds and I'm a miniature dachshund. I was so heavy, I couldn't even think about going up stairs and I'd just lie on my back with my feet sprawled out. Well, there went all the good snacks and out came the green beans. I wasn't too sure about them at first but the weight melted off and now I'm a svelte 12 pounds. I can run up the stairs and when dinner is being served, I do my hopping dance and boy, can I get up in the air. I'm the smart dog too. I was the first one to figure out the doggie door. Now I can go out all by myself and do all the barking I want to. (I'm still not about to pee in the rain--a lady could get her hair wet that way.)

I love snuggling in the big bed. My favorite spot is on a pillow just above Daddy�s head so he can pet me. (I know who kept me here).

Thank you, DRNA.