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Story submitted 2011-05-03
Here is the poem I wrote about Christina (Chrissy). We adopted her on March 22nd of this year. She had been rescued by DRNA in a Puppy Mill Bust. She was almost 8 years old and had been confined in a cage for all of that time. She was kept for having puppies until she couldn't have anymore. Luckily she was turned over to DRNA to start a new life. My inspiration for the poem was watching her run and play for the first time. To see her flying through the air with her tail wagging and ears flopping tugged at my heart so much I had to write it down. I hope you will enjoy reading it.


A Journey's End for Chrissy
By Linda Herman

The journey does end
For me, yes my friend
For long I have been away
But I have come home at last
Far away from the past
That still haunts me each night and each day

Another place, another time
Where my life was not mine
I still feel the longing and pain
How could I have known
For no kindness was shown
That life could start over someday

Now, I am free in the sun
I dance and I run
The sky up above makes me soar
But I come back to the ground
Smell the air, make a sound
And feel joy in the warmth of the day

Yes, I am home
And have finally found
That life can start over again
My body is free, to be used just for me
To laugh and to run and to play
My spirit can soar, someone opened the door
And my doubts and my fears sail away

You can see in my eyes
That great sadness resides
It can not just be washed away
But time will help me to heal
And my wounds will now seal
And the memories will all fade someday

At the end of my day
I give thanks, yes I pray
That at last my journey does end
This journey now ends
And a new one begins
But this one won't have tears on the way

As I settle my head
Safe and warm in my bed
Loving arms hold me fast as I sleep
I will never again be alone
For I have found a safe home
And a place in this world I can keep