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Chloe P
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Story submitted 2008-10-15
Hi there, this is CHLOE...well, that's what my new family calls me now. Kinda weird, for two years everyone called me BONNIE. But that's okay, I don't mind that they changed my name.

My new home is HUGE and my new yard is even HUGER - wow! I get to bark at all the squirrels and birds that come into my yard. My new family watches me closely and won't let me out in the big back yard by myself - I heard them saying something about how I could possibly get out of the yard. Hey, how do they know I'd do that?!

It's really cool, I love going for car rides and so mom takes me almost everywhere she goes (when she's not at work, that is) and she has a snuggly bed for me just for car rides. Plus, I have a snuggly bed in the big house and at night I curl up in it on the floor in the big bedroom. I'm doing my best to convince mom and dad to put me up in the big bed with them--no luck so far. Oh well.

I have a new Redskins Jersey that I wear; and a black sweater to wear to keep me warm when it's chilly for a little doxie-dog like me. I have a new tag with my name engraved on it, new food and water bowls, and you should see the pantry--it's FULL of doxie-doggie-treats! I get treats for doing my "business" outside--I've not had one accident in the house. These folks have done everything BUT roll out the red carpet for me!

I love all my new family but my new mom is extra special to me, I looooove her very much, I follow her everywhere, and she spoils me rotten. She kisses me all the time and tells me how much she loves me. I swear, she kisses me more than I kiss her! She walks me before she goes to work in the morning; and then again when she gets home at night. After dinner, she picks me up and we cuddle for hours before we all go to bed.

My new brother, Christopher, is a "teenager" (whatever that is). All I know is, I love him and he's such a push-over. All I have to do is sit down in front of him and look into his eyes and he melts like butter and picks me up. Well of course he does, just look at how adorable I am--jeez! Last weekend I curled up inside his fleece and fell asleep while he watched TV.

My new dad is awesome and I love him too. He makes a big deal over me when we wake up every morning; and then again when he comes home from work at night. I think maybe he misses me while he sleeps and while he's at work! Oh, and the other thing he does sometimes is that he'll put peanut butter on his finger and lets me lick it clean--yum. I love peanut butter!

It's pretty darn terrific here, I'm very happy that this is my forever home. My only complaint is that they won't let me jump up on the furniture here, they insist I be picked up and put on the furniture. I think I heard them say something about protecting my back. Boy, they sure seem to be concerned about me around here.

DRNA told me they would find me a forever home where I would be loved and boy oh boy were they right--my new family is CRAZY about me! Again, of course they are, just look at how adorable I am for crying out loud!

Tell my brother Clyde I said hi and let him know my new name is Chloe. Oh, and tell him my family says he can come and play with me anytime. For that matter, my family says I can have doxie friends come over and play anytime. Wow, these folks are great - thanks DRNA for finding such a loving and adoring family!

Sloppy doxie smooches,
Chloe (formerly Bonnie)