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Story submitted 2009-10-15
You have sent me on a very tough assignment (undercover, of course). I don't know what will be the end result, since this family was clearly suffering from that dreaded disease, lack-of-doxie-itis. Yes, I know that Ginger (tag 6406) was sent in last year to lay the ground work, but these people simply are overwhelmed by this disease. At least two dachsies are needed for proper dahshund supervision. Thankfully, Ginger called for reinforcements!!!! It also helped that Ginger and I started our DRNA assignments at the same foster home, Fort Dox run by Dona Jo Snow. The training that we received there will help us with this assignment.

Thank heavens for DRNA- what would these people do without doxies? Ginger has told me the horror stories of being the lone doxie with these two people. Since when do people think they are able to drive a car without our help? Who else is supposed to taste their food to make sure it is safe for them to eat? How else are they supposed to know if the bed is warm enough for them? And the couch situation- how are the people supposed to know where they can sit if we don't tell them? What about the laundry- how else is Mom supposed to know when she can fold the nice warm laundry, fresh from the dryer, if we don't test it out for her first? Answers to these and other such questions can only be answered by Dachshunds!!!! It is why God made us. Who else will protect Mom from the nefarious UPS man and mailman? Who else will snuggle up to Mom when no one is looking, to make her feel better?

After the first week, in which I laid down the law, things improved greatly. Ginger could relax and enjoy her toys while I kept guard over Mom while Dad was at work. Morning walks have been beneficial for Mom, since the arthritis in her back has gotten worse, and we have been meeting all sorts of dogs and the smells are divine in this neighborhood. Mom takes us to the dog park to conduct the weekly inspection and boy do I get to have fun. The mud and dirt are custom made just for me. (Ginger prefers to stay clean for some reason- will have to bring her up to speed at our next after action report) I have a really great front and back yard- perfect for rolling in the grass and the leaves. Dad decorated for us for Halloween, and I learned, while conducting my security checks on the house, that Christmas entails even more great things for us. Dad and Mom took us to PetSmart and that was great- I now have my own car seat, a Snuggie, and a new leash. Mom also bought a sweatshirt and coat for me- doesn't she realize that I am undercover and this will blow my cover? I have lots of blankets to burrow under and pillows to sleep on when I get tired and it is Ginger's turn at guard duty. Mom and Dad bought me my own bed and put it next to the front window for me, since they know that I have to work on my tan. We spend a lot of time on the front porch, where I have my own chair. I get great food, and Mom makes me take vitamins and glucosamine (YUCK!!!), but it makes her very happy when I eat them.

Ginger and I get along very well- we are each others shadows, and take turns on guard duty. We have become inseparable, and follow Mom everywhere. We do everything with each other.

In fact, Mom loves so much that she started a blog dedicated to Ginger and myself, and has listed us on the dailydoxie website:

I just wish she would chill about the pupparazzi stuff- I can't have my cover blown!!!!

Will report in next month, after Halloween- I hear that I am going to be a pirate this year.
Agnes B. Bullock