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Story submitted 2005-01-15
In November of 2002 I was lucky enough to adopt Chili. Chili and I are just fantastic and have really become best friends. Chili is the most mild-mannered, sweet dog I have ever been in contact with. He was very timid at first and was a bit skeptical about what was going on and where was this strange place he was in with these strange people. However, in no time he melded right into the family. I can't think of life without Chili now, especially since the passing of my father this past July. Chili knew something had happened to grand-pop, and was there to comfort me and Grammy. I sit here now typing this e-mail and just can't express my gratitude for Chili; I simply cannot put into words what this little doggie has meant to my entire family.

Chili is well known around the neighborhood and is so friendly to everyone he meets (he is even addressed on Christmas cards). Sleeping in the sun is one of his favorite things and he thoroughly loves to rummage through bags, especially to open those Christmas presents. He loves toy hedgehogs; he must have over dozen in all shapes and sizes (yes, he is spoiled). Chili is in great health and condition and just seems to get friskier with age. I also think he secretly wants to learn how to drive--he has a thing for the driver's seat!!!

I love everything about this Dachshund, but even when he is occasionally "bad" (more like just having a mind of his own), I never tire of his ecstatic greetings when I come home from work. Though I cannot fathom why Chili's original owner gave him up, I am so happy that they did--and so is he!

Tito M. Cantafio