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Story submitted 2006-11-11
Greetings Doxie lovers,

Chicklet was adopted on 11/11/06 from Scott in NC. She is a sweetheart and really keeps our household spinning.

She gets along well with her brothers Roscoe and Chili but keeps everyone in line. (That bossy female thing you know!!)

She was recently accepted into the Therapy Dog program. She will be attending classes and testing for Therapy dog about June of this year. Her brother Chili is a therapy dog and we visit hospitals and nursing homes bringing smiles and laughs to the residents. This spring, we have been invited to three local Libraries for a "Reading with Dogs" program.

Hopefully we will take Chicklet along for the experience of working with children....(paws crossed!)

Special thanks to Scott for taking the time to rescue this little sweetheart and allowing me to adopt her....

Laura and Chicklet