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Story submitted 2005-11-15
We've finally cleared up her ear infections with ongoing treatment but her eardrums had been ruptured and there's scar tissue so she doesn't hear very much. We've continued to work on her teeth and mouth. The fistulas from her mouth into her nose will always be there but it doesn't bother her unless she eats or drinks too fast. We diagnosed hypothyroidism and got her started on medicine. While it's hard to tell in the pictures, she had very thin hair and some patches without hair when she got here. Today, she has a nice thick coat. In the last month, lab tests showed some early renal changes so she's on a special diet which she actually seems to like.

She has really shown her personality in recent months and it's pure dachshund. She knows exactly what she wants and how to tell me and she doesn't rest until she gets it. Chelsey is capable of commanding me to come with her to the kitchen when it's dinner time and she tells me when to put her to bed. She'll come get me when she wants something and when I start to follow her, she'll run but looks over her shoulder every few steps to be sure I'm still following. Chelsey makes us laugh. She's funny, loving and an all around precious dog. We celebrated her 14th birthday in October. This month, we'll celebrate the 14th birthday of my long haired dachshund who has been with me for all of his 14 years. Having two 14 year old dachshunds gives me a full lap and much love. I'm hooked on senior dogs don't plan on ever adopting anything else again.

Chelsey's owner was an elderly lady who had health problems. Obviously, her family didn't know Chelsey or they would never have been able to give her up.


UPDATE: This is Chelsey just a few days before she went to the Rainbow Bridge on November 7, 2005. Chelsey had been with me about a year and a half following her DRNA organized trip to Alabama from Virginia. Chelsey was a sanctuary adoption. My mother always said Chelsey was meant to be with us for the last part of her life. In the months before my father died last December, Chelsey sat with him in his recliner for hours on end. During those sad times after we lost Dad, Chelsey's little waddling walk always made us smile. For months, when I took Chelsey back to my parent's house, Chelsey went immediately to search for her chairmate.

Chelsey's medical problems continued to compound until her little 15 year old body just was too tired to go on. Although we grieve for Chelsey and as much as I loved her, I'm thinking she has gone ahead over the bridge to meet my dad where they'll both wait on us to join them someday.

To those with DRNA who accepted Chelsey, fostered her and brought her to me, I wanted to say thank you on behalf of Chelsey and my family. I don't know about her first 13 years but I know she was loved and cared for during the last part of her life. She took her last breaths in my arms.

Thank you,
Birmingham, Alabama