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Cheesy (a.k.a. Jake Leo), Sammy Boy and Arthur
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Story submitted 2005-09-15
When she brought me home she introduced me to my older brother (16 yrs 8-1/2 mos. old) Knickerbocher. I loved having a brother; unfortunately, he passed away on January 7, 2005. I was heartbroken; mom says this is when I started getting into trouble (eating the houseplants, chewing on electrical wires, etc). My puppy socialization teacher suggested finding me a companion; this is where DRNA comes into the picture. Mom filled out an application online and a very nice lady from DRNA (Rachel) came to visit me and see where I lived, she told mom that she would definitely be able to find me a brother or sister.

I waited patiently for 2 whole months before my new brother (Jake Leo a/k/a Cheesy) arrived, he came all the way from Florida, it was well worth the wait, for me it was LOVE at first sight. I can't say the same thing for Jake Leo; I think I scared him because I just couldn't stop kissing him, he thought I was going to eat him. Now Jake Leo loves me as much as I love him. Jake Leo is 2 months younger than me and he is perfect, I know this for a fact because I checked him out completely. Jake Leo is a beautiful little chocolate/tan & white short haired dapple miniature dachshund. I have enclosed a picture, Jake is right next to me kind of hiding, he is very timid so I protect him. He has beautiful blue eyes but for some reason they come out red in pictures.

About six weeks after Jake Leo came to live with me mom sat down with us and told us that we were going to get a big brother. She said that June was adopt a senior month at DRNA and she saw a beautiful short red haired dachshund named Sammy Boy. She said that he was looking for a new home and it sounded like he would fit in perfectly with us. She said Sammy was in New Jersey, so she was going to go to New Jersey and bring him home. So on June 5, 2005 mom brought Sammy Boy home. I don't think Sammy was too crazy about me at first but it was definitely LOVE at first sight with Jake Leo. It took Sammy a couple of months to start paying attention to me; he was totally infatuated with Jake Leo. Sammy loves me now, he lets me sleep with him on the big doggie pillow and he gives me his treat if I bark at him.

In September mom sat us all down again for another talk, she said that she found another little guy that was looking for a home and how did we feel about another brother. Personally I like being the only girl so I had no problem with it, one more brother to love me sounds good. Arthur William arrived on October 23, 2005; dad, Sammy, Jake, mom and I all went to meet the transport and welcome Arthur home. Arthur is the black & tan long haired miniature dachshund (in the picture he is standing right beside me). Arthur is beautiful isn't he? I think he looks a lot like me. It took Arthur a couple of days to get used to us, but now Arthur loves us as much as we love him. Arthur is very protective of us when we all go for a walk around the neighborhood. Don't tell mom but I like Arthur as a boyfriend instead of a brother. Right now Arthur is playing hard to get, but he doesn't know how persistent I can be. In case you haven't guessed it by now I am a Princess and I always get what I want and I want Arthur for a boyfriend. Don't worry mom says we have all been fixed, whatever that means.

To all the wonderful people at DRNA I can't Thank You enough for my three brothers; they have made me the happiest girl in the world. A special Thanks to the transporter that would have liked to have Jake Leo a/k/a Cheesy as his own, please know that Jake Leo is very happy and he is not only my brother but my best friend. Thank you Aunt Rachel, Aunt Barbara and Aunt Jane for rescuing my brothers.

All our love,
Noelle Joyce Richter (Rhode Island)
Judy Richter (a/k/a Mom) James Richter (a/k/a Dad)