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Charles Dickens
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Story submitted 2005-09-15
Charles Dickens is a special man. We had been looking for a pal for our dachshund, Bailey (the little red one there) for about 6 months. Charlie's former parents surrendered him because the wife was severely allergic to him. It was very sad. have never in my life seen two dogs bond so quickly. From minute one they were kissing each other, rolling around and having a BLAST! These guys have only been together for 2 weeks, but they cannot stand to be apart, as you can see. Charlie is a bit of a dopey man, so he and Bailey are like Pinky and the Brain...Bailey thinks up something to get into, and Charlie says "ok!!!" He loooves giving kisses, lap time, and killing squeeky toys. Now, when I look back at all the frustration I was feeling during that 6 month search, I think, well, now I know it took so long...We were waiting for Charlie! We are truly blessed