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Story submitted 2011-04-26
Charles Jr. (aka Dae Dae) is doing very well, better than I would have expected. When I first saw him I was in awe, he looks like my original Charles so much, I would swear it's reincarnation--this is what prompted my renaming Dae Dae. I missed Charles Sr. so much, and now feel like part of him is alive in Junior. It was a match really made in Dog Heaven! (And with both of your help!!!) Charles Jr. is in "love" with Spanky, my long-haired dappled dachshund. They play all the time and are nearly inseparable. Charles also gets along well with the other two guys very well, and plays with Marty, my golden retriever mix. His aggression has dissipated and he just got his "E" collar off tonight. He managed to get his stitches out during the night after his neutering. I took him back for a staple and a collar, but he managed to get the staple out. I steri-stripped his tiny incision and he is now healed. My long-time favorite vet said he is in excellent condition and health. He certainly is full of energy and a happy boy. He also has adapted well to the daily work week schedule and has his own bedroom. When I get ready for work, he gets in his bed (his bed from his former home that I placed on top of the twin bed) and waits, knowing that I'll be leaving soon, but always happy when I come home. He sleeps at the head of my bed now and is rather quiet and still during the night. Of course all four boys are in bed with me. He knows when the lights go off, it's quiet time. I will try to get pictures soon and send them. I've taken a few but have some more to expose. I can update you then on Charles' new happy home. I can't tell you how I feel about this adoption, especially in terms of Charles Jr. and his unbelievable likeness to Charles Sr. I am so grateful that we have each other, and I feel like my home is once again complete. I truly thank you and Eileen for all your dedicated efforts and loyalty to our best friends. I hope others continue to share in this experience.

Thanks again, Linda G., dedicated mother of four. I will definitely keep you updated.