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Story submitted 2005-02-14
Carly had just recently been put up for adoption, but had no takers. She had been found months before running free in North Carolina, unsocialized and in poor health. Kay took her home and cared for her, letting her own pack of doxies help teach Carly the basics of being a good pet.

I told myself I really didn't want another dog (we already had a two year old doxie named Daisy who we had adopted as a pup from a local shelter), but I couldn't get Carly out of my mind. I checked on Carly's posting frequently, and she continued to be unspoken for. I finally broached the subject with the family. The youngest boy was all for getting a second dog. My oldest was willing to go along. My husband was skeptical. But after I showed him Carly's posting, he agreed she would be a good fit. Carly needed an experienced owner with another dog already in residence, and Carly's coloring and age were close enough to Daisy's to consider them sisters.

It was late spring when I contacted Kay regarding adopting Carly. We had a lot of extra hurdles as I live a few hundred miles away in Ohio. Kay and I stayed in contact throughout the summer, overcoming one hurdle after another. Finally, in late July, I received word everything had been approved. We agreed to meet halfway to introduce the two families in early August. We traveled to the southern end of West Virginia, and Daisy met Carly and Carly's foster brother Mac. Carly was even more beautiful in person -- tall and svelte with a unique face, but very shy. Eventually everyone played pretty well together, so we finalized the paperwork and brought Carly home.

Carly was very slow to warm up to us, but once she adjusted to the new routine she became bolder. Her ears no longer laid flat; she became more curious; and then one day, deciding she wanted our immediate attention, she barked. That confirmed our suspicions; she is part beagle! Using that information, we tapped into my husband's past experiences with beagles, and slightly altered our plan for working with Carly. Successes came more rapidly, and she finally decided to accept us as family. She quickly claimed ownership of the pillows in the family room, perching herself on top of them for her naps. We've nicknamed her Pillow Princess!

It's been over three years since Carly came home to us. She still has playful puppy behaviors which serve to keep Daisy from becoming too lazy. The girls have bonded to the point they can't bear to be separated, insisting on doing everything in tandem (see photo, Carly in red collar). Carly has become my source for daily smiles; she turns her head so prettily when she's listening, and when I successfully say the words to match what she is trying to tell me, she will dance in a circle before running to where we need to be to satisfy her current desire. When she wants to play, she'll stretch out on the floor and crawl to me with her tail wagging high up in the air.

Thank you Kay and DRNA. I couldn't have asked for a sweeter little girl!
Ida M. Bowles