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Cameron and Schmidty
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Story submitted 2011-04-26
No problem for us though as mom bought has new warm capes for the cold. Our days are filled with fun, love and adventure (sometimes misadventure but shhhhhhh don't tell mom that).

I am the handsome red mini and Schmidty is my brother and we are both 3 yrs old and full of fun.

We were not sure about this as we came all the way from Oklahoma but our new mom treats us like her little princes. We are well fed with organic foods and munchies of carrot/beans at dinner as well. We seemed to have packed a couple pounds before we left the USA but with the proper food and nutritional snacks we should be our svelte dapper selves by early summer.

We love that we are allowed to sleep up on the big bed and can burow way down to moms feet. Yes, we got used to this real quick! We do have access to some of the furniture and being the gents we are always wait to be asked before we come up. Mom praisies us like crazy for this.........sheeeeeeeesh what kind of barbarians did she think we were?

We get 2 long walks a day, morning and evening and are slowly getting used to sharing the sidewalks with other people and their dogs. All in all, it is a very nice neighbourhood and so far we have been a hit where we go.

We are still working with mom on the jumping up to greet folks as she does not seem to understand that we are just happy to see our extended families of Uncles and Aunty's. I think she will get her way eventually and we will have to settle it down a bit.

We all would like to take this time to tell you how much we appreciate all the hard work by very very caring people to make this all happen so we can be one very happy doxie family.

Thank you so much again DRNA!

Paula/Cameron & Schmidty

contributed March 2009

Cameron & SchmidtyCameron & Schmidty2