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Story submitted 2006-11-09
Hello my name is Annie (new name). My foster parents named me Abby but I changed my name to Annie because my dad brought me home for mom as her One Year Anniversary Gift. I was brought home in August of 2006. I have a brother too named Frankie. He is my best friend! My mommy and daddy tell me everyday how much they love me. At times Frankie gets jealous. he,he But we both know that they love us very, very, very much. My grandma even has a shirt that says "Let me tell you about my granddog's" Isn't that funny!

Here's My Story:

I was just a pup when I was dropped off at the pound. These people just left me at the front door until morning. Boy I was so scared !!! I stayed awake & didn't move. Even though I was new to this world I knew that people couldn't be this mean. I said to myself "if I can just make it till morning everything will be ok". Well the morning came but everything wasn't ok. Once I got inside I saw some of my fellow pup's and I immediately knew that I was not in a good place. I couldn't believe it. I thought to myself "what did I do to deserve this?" Day after day & night after night I just sat their thinking and wondering "is this what life is really about?" Then one morning as I was still sleeping I heard a lot of noise & people talking. Then a beautiful person opened my cage & took me out. I couldn't believe it. I didn't know if I was still sleeping and this was a dream or if someone really came to get me. I waged my tailed just to make sure this wasn't a dream !!! Finally I'm Free !!! I over-heard the people talking that rescued me that I was going to New Jersey. NEW JERSEY ?? I said to myself "isn't that where the Soprano's are filmed?" Man... I am going end of with a Jersey accent!!! I heard stories that New Jersey could be tough, but I was a fighter so bring it on !

Once I got to NJ I was put into a shelter. "Good Grief not again?" I think that other dogs must have been sick there because I got really really sick & almost died from what people call distemper. As a matter of fact I lost my dear friend Ben from this virus. I have all but given up hope until I met the 2 most special people one could ever meet. There names are Liz & Jerry Dente. They became my foster parents. It is because of them that I am alive today and telling this story. (Thank you Liz and Jerry) After I got better I went to my Aunt Barbara and Cousin Caitlin house. I was with them for awhile until I meet my new parents, Tina and Dean. Caity if you are reading this I miss you & I hope you are doing well in school. Everyone tells me that I'm a strong dog. To survive distemper is like 1 out of a million. So I guess I'm pretty special. :-)

* My husband and I would like to Thank you the Dente's for believing in us and trusting us. And a HUGE Thank You to DRNA for rescuing all of these wonderful and beautiful dogs. Giving them a safe place to rest their heads at night (and day because we all know that dachshund love to take naps) until they find a family to call there own!