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+Elke #07628
Dog Information
Color: Black & Tan Coat: Long-Hair Special needs dog? Yes
Pattern: None Gender: Female Sanctuary dog? Yes
Size: Miniature Weight: 8 lbs Spayed/Neutered? Yes
Age: 3 Years Category: Adult
State: PA - View more in PA
Added: 2011-01-07

When Elke was pulled from the shelter, they thought she had been hit by a car.
You could tell her pelvis was out of line or crooked. But she could walk, with a slight limp, and had bowel and bladder control.
But as the days progressed, Elke began to deteriorate.

We then took her to The Regional Veterinary Referral Center in Springfield, VA.

Exam and x-rays showed that Elke had vertebral fractures and sacroiliac luxation, and a fracture in her tail.
She could move her left leg, with weakness of course, but her right leg was non-functioning.
And of course no bladder or bowel control.
The neuro surgeon felt that surgery could not be done, since the injuries were already healing.

They suggested that Elke should be put out of her pain and euthanized.
But members of DRNA did not want to hear that.

We felt we should try pain management & strict crate rest.
So she was put on tramadol, metacam and a fentanyl patch on.

Elke was also dehydrated, had a low heart rate and high blood pressure, which they treated. But she did leave with her blood pressure still high.

We were so sad for this girl.
But finally with theraputic laser therapy and acupressure, and the help and love of DRNA members and supporters, Elke became pain free, and was soon up walking around. Well, walking as best as she could.

See Video:

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Over the past months she has had some ups and downs. A bladder infection, and then another disc flare up.
But this girl does not give up.
Elke is back to playing with toys, wrestling with her foster brothers and sisters and enjoying the life that she loves.

Vetting Information
• Heartworm Tested (Neg) 2010-05-25
• Fecal Tested (Neg) 2010-05-25
• Rabies 1 yr. 2010-05-25
• Distemper Combo - NO Lepto & Exam 2010-05-25
• X-rays on pelvis (2 views) 2010-05-25
• Exam 2010-12-09
• X-rays on pelvis (2 views) 2010-12-09
Other Things To Know About This Dog
• No small children