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LadyBug: fee waived for 60+ adopter #12765

Dog Information
Color: Black & Tan Coat: Smooth
Pattern: None Gender: Female
Size: Standard Weight: 27 lbs
Age: 9 Years Category: Senior
Special needs dog? No Sanctuary dog? No
Spayed / Neutered? Yes State: DE
Added: 2024-05-25

Hello to everyone! I am sooooo happy to be here. You see, I was on death row in a shelter and I got sprung by DRNA on my very last day!! Where I lived before they fed me alot.....so much that I couldn't even get up to walk any more, and the shelter thought I couldn't walk. Hey! I could walk JUST FINE if I just got help to get up. And sitting all the time didn't help my weight either! So I have been taking lots of little walks and eating only dog food with just a little carrot for a treat once in awhile and I think I am starting to lose some weight. At least I can get up all by myself now.
DRNA was so nice to help me even though there isn't much dachshund in me. My foster mom thinks maybe some beagle and Miniature Pinscher??? With just a touch of dachshund thrown in. Anyway foster mom says I am the NICEST girl, I love pats on my head and tummy rubs, and I am always happy. I do want to chase little things like rabbits and birds so a nice quiet home with grownups and no cats would be perfect. I am quiet, hardly ever bark, and I get along with other small dogs as long as they are polite. If they bother me I tell them to mind their own business! Foster mom says any new home I go to must continue my exercise and no fattening snacks program so I can be slim soon! And give me an eye drop in my right eye twice a day.
We are having a weigh-in very soon and I will let you know how much progress I've made so far. Until then, think about me and if you want me to join your family just fill out an application and put my name on it and send it on in. With love and a thankful heart, LadyBug
Update 07-02---- Well, I have lost 3 pounds so far and am getting around better with every ounce I lose!! I am working on losing another 2 pounds and we will see how I look then. I do love my food but I will eat cut up baby carrots for treats and they are better for me than fattening foods. Another update when I lose some more!! Love Lady. Oh ps- you should know I still can't do stairs because of my weight. We will have to wait and see if that changes as I get slimmer. And speaking of seeing - my untreated dry eye has left me unable to see with my right eye. But I get along fine with my left eye's vision. I don't give up easily!!

Vetting Information
  • Rabies, 3 yr (2024-04-16)
  • Distemper Combo - NO Lepto (2024-04-16)
  • Heartworm Tested, neg x 4 (2024-04-25)
  • Fecal Tested, neg (2024-04-25)
  • exam (2024-04-25)
  • urinalysis (2024-04-25)
  • Repeat urinalysis (2024-05-09)
  • vet visit (2024-06-28)
  • express impacted right anal gland (2024-06-28)
  • skin scraping (2024-06-28)
  • right ear flush (2024-06-28)
Other Things To Know About This Dog
  • Must be adopted within 100 miles of central Delaware
  • No cats
  • No children
  • No large dogs
  • No small children
  • Quiet home needed

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