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Snickers #12451
Dog Information
Color: Coat: Long-Hair Special needs dog? No
Pattern: None Gender: Male Sanctuary dog? No
Size: Tweenie Weight: 13 lbs Spayed/Neutered? Yes
Age: 7 Years Category: Adult
State: VA - View more in VA
Added: 2018-09-29


Snickers is one of those dogs that shouldn't have needed a rescue. He's a healthy 7-year-old chocolate and cream long hair who is absolutely adorable and will make a delightful companion for just about anyone.

He will greet you with squeals and squeaks of joy and have important conversations with you (see video). He will sleep quietly in bed with you and clean out your ears with little kisses when you wake up. He loves belly rubs and snuggling in your lap..He loves to play fetch and will keep himself entertained with the right toys. You will,however, be repeatedly pressed into service to either throw his toy or to answer his demands to retrieve said toy from under something. .He's a smart little dog who is a good watchdog, uses the dog door and has not made any attempts to escape from the yard.He can be initially shy with strangers,but not for long. He gets along with his foster mom's bossy English cocker, but will stand up for himself if pushed too far. On the other hand, he keenly observed how she asked for treats and mimicked her behavior. Watch out; he could quickly train you to spoil him!

Snickers is very good in the house but has mistaken some stuffed things for toys..eg a dog bed and comforter. He will quickly kill any stuffed toy (ignore any labels claiming one to be "indestructible) and he will tear off the fuzz of tennis balls. He is housebroken and only had accidents the first couple days in foster care or after having unusual food.

Snickers does have a habit of submissive peeing. It has improved while in foster care but will always be present. Foster mom will be happy to discuss ways she has managed. He comes with a crate,a brush, a microchip, his favorite toys and maybe more. He would be fine as an only dog.

Here is a video of Snichers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbVpeBiRuU4&feature=youtu.be

Want to know more about Snickers? Email foster family at mayberry63@msn.com