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2 HEARTWORM POSITIVE PUPS (Miles & Allie) Tag #12385
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Note: All donations will go directly to this dog's medical care.

Story submitted 2018-05-24
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MILES #12385 was rescued first, lost and picked up by Animal Control. His family turned him over to DRNA when we told them he is high heartworm positive and will surely die without treatment. It is costly and the dog must be crated and kept quiet and calm as possible through out the treatment to allow the worms to die and be absorbed by the body and not thrown like a clot to potentially kill the dog. They wanted him to have the best chance so Miles came to rescue. A week later we received a call of 3 little dapple girls being kept in a wire pen in the backyard. DRNA rescued one and the other 2 went to different rescues. No testing was done until they were safe in rescue. OH MY GOSH... all 3 heartworm positive. So here came ALLIE #12387. Both dogs were not crate trained so foster mom had to get creative keeping both dogs as calm as possible. So now there is an X-pen in the living room with both dogs going through treatment together. Approximately $300 each for their heartworm treatments so any contributions will be much appreciated. Prayers appreciated also. Foster mom Roxanne says thank you!!

Allie was surprised to learn about the doggie door before being confined to the crateMILES rescue day!There are 2 beds in there, but they like being close.  They keep each other company during treatments.Keeping quiet and calm, sweetest pups.